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by Nathan Yeung May 20, 2021 3 min read

When you're biking, jogging or skiing the last thing you want to be worrying about is your kid's safety. Are they securely fastened? With the Thule Chariot Cross, they ride safely in style!

The Thule Chariot Cross comes available as a single or double style. This model includes a 4-wheel stroller and bike trailer conversion kit. Conversion kits for jogging and skiing are also available upon request and are sold separately. With the bike trailer connected, the Thule Chariot Cross provides a smooth ride for both adult and child on either your neighborhood sidewalks or along your favorite trails!



The Thule Chariot Cross is Runner World's Best All-Seasons, All-Activities Jogging Stroller winning award winning jogging stroller in both 2018 and 2020. It is well designed with many of the features that makes bike riding with your kids safe, enjoyable, and fun. Here are some of the reasons why the Thule Chariot Cross was named Runner World's Best All-Seasons and All-Activities Stroller:

Thule Chariot Cross: So Versatile 

  • This product was thoughtfully designed to support four incredible activities: biking, jogging, strolling, and skiing. Instead of needing to store three separate products for each of these sports you can have it all with the Thule Chariot Cross all in one system. You'll save room in your garage or storage closet and you'll be able to switch between activities when you're out during the day!

Thule Chariot Cross: Built to Last

  • This durable all-season multi-sport which converts into either a bike trailer or stroller has been designed and engineered to last the elements.

Weather Protection

  • The Thule Chariot Cross comes with a sun guard that can be easily attached and adjusted by sliding the sun guard up or down.
  • Includes a screen and plastic shield that provides that added layer of security and protection to keep your kid safe from snow or sunshine.


  • Folds down for easy transportation and storage while not in use.
  • When using this product as a biking trailer, the handlebar is collapsible and folds up.


  • Designed with a convenient one-hand reclining seat feature which adds to the child's comfort and overall experience when sitting inside the compartment. 

  • On the double stroller, the seats recline independently of each other.


  • Thule VersaWing system enables quick and easy conversion between activities, regardless of the sport activity kit that is being used.

Thule Chariot Cross: A Comfortable Ride

  • The Thule Chariot Cross comes equipped with an adjustable spring suspension which ensures a smooth ride for your child. To adjust the suspension, slide the latch up or down based on your child's weight. Make sure to remember to adjust the suspension on both sides of the trailer.

  • Comfortable padded seats are removable and easy to clean

  • Large cabin area to hold your kid, your kid's stuffed animals, and an additional child up to 6 years old (on the double stroller model). The seats are arranged side by side.

Thule Chariot Cross: Easy to Store

  • The extra-large cargo space area that can be used to store items away for increased runner's stride while jogging

Thule Chariot Cross Folded
  • Thule Click n’ Store provides a convenient on-board storage of strolling, jogging, and cycling kit while changing between activities.


  • This product has a Thule manufacturer's warranty under the original purchaser, under specified terms. For more information please refer to Thule's warranty web page.

Thule Chariot Cross Videos

The following video demonstrates the above features in action. You'll be able to see how the different activity kits are stored, how to setup the stroller for jogging, how to connect the trailer to the bike and how to get the trailer ready to go skiing.


The information below includes the technical specifications for this product:

Weight Capacity 100 lb
Folded dimensions 34.2 x 31.5 x 14.7 in
Weight 31.9 lb
Sitting Height 27 in
Door pass through dimensions 31.5 in
Safety harness 5-point
Meets safety standards
Seat Capacity 1 or 2 kids
Color Thule Blue/Poseidon
Model Number(s) Single Stroller: 10202011
Double Stroller: 10202013


In conclusion, my favorite feature of the Thule Chariot Cross are the one-handed reclinable seat feature. When you're running the last thing you want to do is stop to recline the seat with two hands. Being able to recline the seat with just one hand makes all the difference. Another feature that I love is the adjustable suspension system which makes for an extremely comfortable ride. The Thule Chariot Cross features an award winning design, that is built to last! This multisport trailer and stroller is ready for your next adventure! Let's go places!

Nathan Yeung
Nathan Yeung

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